Same Day Flowers Delivery:


The florists on this website offer same day delivery in Canada and the USA. To take advantage of this feature you need to do the following:


You need to get your order in before noon in the time zone of the delivery. That means if you are in Los Angeles and you want a delivery to New York, it has to be earlier than noon in New York. This is to give the company enough time to process the order and to package the contents and to deliver them.


Sometimes this feature is not available. This is especially true on weekends, or on peak days, such as mothers day, fathers day, valentines day, for these days you really need to plan and to order at least the day before. This is not the florists fault as they are suddenly swarmed with orders on these peak days.


Please note that to have same day delivery you need to make sure all the information that you enter is accurate so that nothing holds up the order. For example deliveries cannot be made to po boxes, so avoid making this mistake or incorrectly entering an address.


These companies offer same day delivery: